Submissions Open to the Rogers-BSO Development Fund

Canadian Independent Screen Fund for BPOC Creators

The Canadian Independent Screen Fund for BPOC Creators (“CISF”) is a new national funding program dedicated to supporting  emerging, mid-level and established content creators from BPOC (Black and People of Color) communities, for the development and production of their screen-based projects.

Formally known as the Canadian Independent Screen Fund, a registered charity established in 1981 (274666-2 Canada Inc.), the CISF was relaunched in 2020 to create more equity within the screen-based industry.

The Indigenous Screen Office participated in the consultation process for this proposed initiative and is in full solidarity with the intent and direction of this fund.

The CISF will administer a number of funds with specific deadlines. Funding guidelines will be posted on our website and applications will be processed through this website.

BPOC Owned & Controlled

Supports projects submitted by BPOC owned companies or productions.

All Professional Levels

Three tiers for evaluation: emerging, intermediate and experienced.

Development & Production

Provides support for the development and production of Scripted and Non-Scripted projects, as well a last-in top-up interactive digital media content.

Black Screen Office launches Fund in Partnership with Rogers Group of Funds and
Canadian Independent Screen Fund for BPOC creators

The first-of-its-kind program in Canada provides direct access to script development funding to help to build more equitable access to creators from diverse communities. Guidelines, eligibility, and submission details coming soon!

Funding Database

We offer a comprehensive guide to funding programs across Canada: this database lists eligibility criteria and is searchable by date, region or genre.

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